February 29, 2024

Our Vision

The Vision: To be a globally recognized organization and the largest and most comprehensive organization and exposition of its kind in the region by producing events and programming that is executed with excellence.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Inclusivity: We embrace diversity in all its forms, championing inclusivity as a driving force behind our success.
  • Impactful Initiatives: Our commitment goes beyond events; we initiate programs and partnerships that create a lasting impact on businesses and communities.

Expanding upon the vision of the Georgia Black Expo (GBE) involves recognizing its aim to empower African Americans in Georgia and have a far-reaching influence that extends across the African diaspora. GBE’s ambition to be the preeminent organization and exposition in the region is underscored by a commitment to excellence in event and programming execution. What distinguishes GBE is its dedication to inclusivity, welcoming diversity in all its forms, and its focus on impactful initiatives that foster lasting benefits for businesses and communities, setting a benchmark for meaningful engagement and transformation within and beyond Georgia.

Step into our story, be part of our vision, and build a future of diverse excellence together!