May 25, 2024

Join the Movement: Become an Ambassador for the Georgia Black Expo!

Help us extend our reach across Georgia! As an ambassador, you’ll play a key role in connecting and sharing your community with the vibrant culture and opportunities at the Georgia Black Expo.

Benefits of Being an Ambassador

Enjoy the Expo with 20 Complimentary Admission Tickets.

Gain exclusive access with a Complimentary GBE Membership.

Relax and network in our Reserved Ambassador Lounge.

Earn Community Service Hours for your contributions.

Receive a Professional Reference from the Georgia Black Expo.

Be Featured in the 2024 Ambassador Catalog.

Enter to win one of two VIP Passes.

Chance to win one of two complimentary 10×10 booths at the Expo.

Supporting All Corners of Georgia

We at the Georgia Black Expo recognize the diverse and unique communities across our great state. To ensure we effectively reach and represent every region, we’re looking for ambassadors from the following areas:

  • Metro Atlanta Region: As the heart of Georgia’s business and cultural life, your influence here can help us bridge gaps between the bustling city and quieter neighboring areas.
  • Coastal Region: With its rich history and vibrant communities, ambassadors here will showcase the unique blend of tradition and innovation that defines our coastal areas.
  • Northern Georgia Region: Known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, ambassadors in this region will help connect communities often engaged in different lifestyles than those in urban areas.
  • Southern Georgia Region: As the agricultural backbone of our state, this region’s ambassadors will highlight the importance of rural contributions to Georgia’s overall prosperity.

The involvement of dedicated ambassadors from each region ensures that our programs and initiatives are tailored to meet the specific needs and opportunities of local communities. By representing your region, you help us create a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to community empowerment.

Responsibilities of an Ambassador

This is a two-year commitment and as an ambassador, you’ll help GBE promote and stay updated on opportunities and events in your region of Georgia, assist in promoting the Expo, and represent GBE at local events. Your role is crucial in building excitement and support for our annual gathering.

Who Should Apply?

We are looking for community-driven, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about promoting opportunities and educational events. If you love engaging with people and are connected in your local area, we encourage you to apply.

Know Someone Who Would Thrive as an Ambassador? Share this with them!

Do you know someone who embodies the spirit of community and leadership? Someone who’s passionate about making a difference right where they live? Help us grow our network by sharing this opportunity with them. Our ambassadors are crucial in driving local engagement and bringing valuable insights that make our events and initiatives more impactful. Share this call and help us find those amazing individuals who can represent their communities as Georgia Black Expo Ambassadors.