June 18, 2024


To empower and inspire individuals, entrepreneurs, and communities by providing access to resources, fostering collaboration, and promoting economic growth.

The GBE mission is realized through empowering events, community spotlights, and networking hubs designed to inspire, educate, and connect individuals and businesses. GBE fosters economic growth and collaboration by showcasing black-owned businesses, professionals, and leaders. Our comprehensive programming and annual expo serve as platforms for sharing resources, celebrating achievements, and promoting community engagement, embodying that commitment to empowering and inspiring the community.

We are further expanding the GBE mission through GBE TV. GBE TV is our digital television network that showcases the richness of the Black community through diverse content, including educational materials, entertainment, and stories of empowerment. It provides a space for sharing knowledge, showcasing content creators of color, celebrating Black culture, and highlighting achievements, fostering community and collaboration at home, online and even on the go. Through this medium, GBE TV amplifies the voices and stories that inspire economic growth and empowerment within the community.