May 25, 2024

Georgia Black Expo Offerings



This year’s theme

Experience the inaugural Georgia Black Expo, set to be “The” transformative event in the region. Set at the Gas South Convention Center and featuring an extensive lineup of educational panels, live entertainment, and exhibitions. Attendees can look forward to exploring a wide range of resources and regional companies, along with appearances by impactful figures, interactive workshops, and continuous opportunities for community empowerment and engagement.

Expo Tickets

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Vendor Booths

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Education Fair

Explore educational opportunities and shape bright futures at our fair!

Job Fair

Meet top talent and grow your team at our dynamic job hub!

State of Black georgia Address

Inspire and engage as a speaker at our empowering workshops and panels!

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Learn About the Events We Have in Store For the Expo

GBE Mainstage

Dive into the heart of the Georgia Black Expo with our Mainstage events, where big ideas, entertainment, and community celebrations come to life. Experience captivating performances, insightful discussions, and the vibrant energy of the community gathered to celebrate and inspire one another.

State of Black Georgia Address

Statewide political, civic, business and community leaders provide insight into current state and future prospects for Black Georgia as it relates to the GBE 7 Pillars (Business, Wealth, Education, Political, Arts & Entertainment, Technology and Health).

Wealth & Business Summit

The Best of Black Georgia Awards

The Best of Black Georgia Awards is a Recognition of excellence and achievement across various fields and industries.

The Lit and Liberated Youth Empowerment Summit

Provides a platform for young people to engage with, and learn from an array of peer leaders & influential figures.

Georgia’s Best Talent Casting Call

As Georgia solidifies its status as the Hollywood of the South, we’re offering an unparalleled opportunity for industry professionals to discover and cast the next generation of stars.

The GBE TV Creative Hub

This dynamic space is dedicated to exploring the art of content creation, from filmmaking and podcasting to social media and beyond. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting out, the Creative Hub offers tools, resources, and insights to help you express your vision and expand your reach.

the gbe edufair

Your one-stop destination for all things education, from kindergarten to post-graduate studies and beyond. Whether you’re a student, parent, educator, or just endlessly curious about the educational horizon, this fair has something for you.

Job and Opportunity Fair

Junior Trailblazers Children’s Hub

Where young minds come to play and learn! The Junior Trailblazers Children’s Hub is a fun-filled, educational space dedicated to sparking curiosity and fostering a love for learning in our youngest attendees.

The Black Georgia Hall of Fame Inductions

Celebrate the trailblazers and pioneers who have significantly impacted our community or Georgia residents who have made their mark on the national or global stage for over a decade .

engagement 2024

Dedicated to fostering voter registration, engagement, and education. As we approach pivotal elections, Engagement 2024 serves as a crucial platform for empowering attendees to become informed, active participants in our democracy.

Scholars & Speakers showcase

Connect with thought leaders and innovators at the Scholars & Speakers Showcase. Join us to gain new perspectives and insights into issues that matter.

The Healthy Body and Mind Village

The Spark Tank: Ignite the Dream Pitch Competition

This competition is a gateway to transformation for entrepreneurs and innovators. This platform allows participants to share their ideas and innovation and compete for cash, prizes and an opportunity to fund their vision.

Interfaith Prayer Service

The Soulful Unity Interfaith Prayer Service – Multi-Denominational/Faith Unity Prayer service for the entire community.