July 14, 2024

BOBG Nomination Categories

Nominate for the Best of Black Georgia Awards

The categories for this Awards series encompass a wide range of industries and areas, allowing for a diverse selection of nominees that align with the mission and pillars of the Georgia Black Expo. You can learn what nomination categories are offered by exploring the sections below.

Nomination Guidelines

Your nominations must either be Georgia-based, from Georgia, has primary -residence or -presence in Georgia.
In order for your nominee to move on to voting they must receive at least 3 nominations.

Best of Black Georgia Nomination Categories

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Please Enter the full name of your nominee
If known, please provide their title, the amount of time they’ve been in this position, their website
Provide your nominee’s contact details (Please add any of the nominee’s contact details (email, phone number) and/or social media, this will allow us to contact your nominee if they move onto the voting stage)
What Georgia region(s) is your Nominee based in?
Why do you think your nominee deserves this award?
What impact has the nominee made in the Georgia community?
How frequently do you participate in events related to this category?
What Georgia Region(s) do you live in?
How did you hear about the Best of Black Georgia Awards?
Have you previously nominated someone for the Best of Black Georgia Awards?
How can we improve the Best of Black Georgia Awards nomination process?
Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?

Nomination Category Sections

Beauty & Personal Care

Professional Services

Community & Civic Organizations

Government & Leadership


Health & Wellness

Arts, Media, & Entertainment

Food & Dining

Faith & Spirituality

Youth & Community Engagement

Events & Cultural Celebrations

Business & Entrepreneurship

Social Impact & Advocacy